for unsuccessful bets

Losing is unpleasant, but no one is immune! To brighten up your possible failure, we give you cashback for losing bets.

Losing amount and bonus
₽100 000 – 300 000


of loss amount
₽300 001 – 500 000


of loss amount
from ₽500 001 and more


of loss amount
Action terms
  • The promotion is valid from 14 June, 2018 to December 31, 2024.
  • All kinds and types of bets participate in the action, except for the bets made with the use of the bonus account and toto bets.
  • To accure the bonus, it is necessary to carry out at least one deposit in the amount from 100 000 rubles during the period from the 1st until the last day of the current month inclusive. or its equivalent in another currency. It is allowed to deposit the amount in installments provided that there were no bets between such incremental deposits.
  • During the calendar month, there must be no withdrawals from the account.
  • The bonus is accured on the 1st of every month at 10:00 (Moscow time) to personal account.
  • The received bonus is available for betting. In order to be able to order a bonus amount on a withdrawal, you should make one or several bets for an amount greater than three times the bonus amount.